R.P.G. (Robocop Paints Grisaille)

courtesy of the artist and Everybody Needs and VUNU, Kosice. Photo: Tibor Czito

Definition of ROBOCOP in English: NOUN Science Fiction A robotic or bionic law enforcement officer; (in extended use) a police officer whose behaviour is likened to that of a robot. Origin 1950s.

Definition of PAINT in English: NOUN / VERB 1mass noun A coloured substance which is spreadover a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating. ‘a tin of paint’ count noun ‘bituminous paints’ Origin Mid English: from peint ‘painted’, past participle of Old French peindre, from Latin pingere ‘to paint’.

Definition of GRISAILLE in English: NOUN mass noun Art 1A method of painting in greymonochrome, typically to imitate sculpture. ‘trompe l’oeil elevations painted in grisaille’ Moreexample sentences 1.1count noun A grisaille painting or stained-glass window. ‘fine grisailles by Hans Holbein the Elder’ Origin Mid 19th century: French, from gris ‘grey’.